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Depository system is a facility of holding equity shares and securities in electronic mode through a depository. As per SEBI guidelines, w.e.f. 02 January 2002, all trades of shares and securities will be settled only in Demat mode by all classes of investors. This implies that all investors will have to open a Demat account to trade in shares and securities.

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Equity trading is the buying and selling of company stock, shares through stock exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) markets. It requires sufficient knowledge about the company’s background, financial situation, profits, credibility of its promoters, business operations, market conditions and the like to invest and generate profits.

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Derivatives trading involves a contract between two parties to make payments based on specific conditions, with the value ‘derived’ based on the underlying asset and its associated risk factors. With factors like high-risk – high-returns, room for hedging and speculation, less initial investment requirements, and availability of variety and flexibility, being the product’s key-highlights, derivatives trading has become a popular investment choice today.

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Commodity trading involves the exchange of raw or primary products on regulated commodity exchanges based on standardized contracts. Commodity trading serves as an excellent option for investors with limited funds who intend to diversify their portfolio instead of investing in conventional securities such as Equities, Bonds, or Real Estate. It is also a lucrative investment choice as profits are purely driven based on demand and supply dynamics allowing investors to trade strategically rather than intuitively.

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Currency market, or popularly known as Foreign Exchange (Forex or FX for short), is the market in which currencies are traded over-the-counter. Initially open only to large financial institutions, central banks, and wealthy people in the import/export business, Currency trading today, is the largest and most liquid market in the world thanks to rapid globalization and the growing popularity of the internet.

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